Golfer Sues His Golf Club Over a Pot Brownie

One golfer went from bogeys to brownies, and he’s not happy about it. Barry Russo, a 68 year old New Jersey golfer, is suing the Copper Hill Country Club and two members who allegedly offered him a pot brownie in the locker room. The brownies were likely made with a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass, featherbed bent, and Northern California sensimilla.

According to the lawsuit, defendants Chaplin and Kavanagh (don’t worry–not Sally Ann–let’s not cross our Chevy Chase references) insisted that the brownies “were delicious and that Kavanagh, who baked them, had received ‘special culinary training’.” After ingesting the brownie, Russo became light-headed, anxious, and dizzy. He is also suing the golf club and the club president for failing to summon medical assistance, and trying to conceal his condition from other club members as he escorted Russo out of the club that day. [photo via kjct8.com]


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