Ben McLemore Dancing in the Locker Room Is Mesmerizing [GIF] [UPDATE]

Ben McLemore did a dance that will now supplant the African Anteater Ritual as my go-to dance move at weddings. I can totally do this. Way better than Jeff Withey trying to do Gangnam Style. Withey wisely stays in the background and does the disjointed white guy wiggle here in a move equally as mesmerizing.

McLemore hit the game tying bankshot three pointer last night, and Kansas went on to win in overtime. He’s also a lottery pick candidate averaging almost 17 points a game as a freshman. Good reason to dance.

[UPDATE: As several Kansas fans have pointed out, this dance happened after the win over Ohio State, and not last night]

[gif via writingbareback]

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Because you want to see it first.

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