Jack Taylor, Who Scored 138 Points in a Game for Division III Grinnell, May Be Out for the Year With a Broken Wrist

Jack Taylor, the kid who rose to fame in November when he scored 138 points in a college basketball game, left Grinnell’s game Wednesday with what appeared to be a broken wrist after falling to the court in the first half. In a demonstration of just how different basketball is at the small Division III school, his dad drove him to Iowa City to get x-rays.

Taylor’s 138-point outburst spawned a range of stories, from amazement, to Kobe uttering profanities, to people questioning him for scoring so much, and being called a bully by, well, take a guess.

Hey, we’ve all had wrist overuse injuries. At least Taylor’s came from jacking up shots.

[photo via Gazette-KCRG]

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