Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler Have Had Enough of this Pathetic Lakers Team [Video]

Jack Nicholson has had enough. Nicholson, who has been sittingĀ courtsideĀ at Lakers games since before you were old enough to watch The Shining, waved goodbye to someone and left with more than seven minutes to go in the 4th quarter last night. The Lakers lost to the Thunder by 15 and dropped to a dismal 15-21 on the season. Kevin Durant finished with 42 points, eight rebounds and five assists.

The funniest part of the video is little kid Adam Sandler following Jack to the exit. He might as well have been Jack’s 10-year old son who didn’t want to be left behind. If only there was footage of the Lakers leaving Jack & Jill early. You would think Sandler would be more forgiving of famous people taking lots of money and performing like shit.

Because you want to see it first!

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