JR Smith's Next Tattoo Might Be of This Blonde

NYC_Blonde runs a popular blog chronicling her exploits as an attractive single woman living in New York city. Think ‘Sex in the City’ with attractive women. This week, JR Smith decided to follow her on Twitter. NYC_Blonde then posted their DM conversation on Instagram, because unfortunately, that’s what people do.

Given the number of tattoos on Mr. Smith’s body, inking up for her is hardly an indicator of commitment. Smith is just another victim in the never-ending losing battle against Pussy Galore. A wise man once said Pussy Galore is undefeated. My advice to J.R. would be to improve his shot selection and approach groupies in person, as to avoid public humiliation.

Hmmm I wonder if she will follow me back if I follow her?

[H/T: Matt Harris]

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