Alabama Paid Coaches $1.46 Million in BCS Title Bonuses, $525,000 to Nick Saban Alone

Major college athletic departments: cash-strapped by choice since football became a professional sport on television. Alabama won its third-straight BCS Title. This was quite lucrative for anyone remotely affiliated with the team, except the players of course.

Alabama paid out $1.46 million in bonuses for the BCS win. Nick Saban received $525,000, $400,000 for the BCS Title and $125,000 for the SEC Title. The 14 members of Alabama’s football staff, all earning six-figures, received 20 percent bonuses ranging from $23,000 to $190,000. Even Alabama AD Mal Moore, an essential component to this triumph, received a $50,000 bonus.

For perspective, the money spent for these bonuses would have covered $3,000 “cost of attendance” payments for the entire football team and an additional 401 student-athletes at Alabama.

[Photo via USA Today Sports]

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