Lance Briggs Appeared on Happy Endings, Joked About Not Driving Because It is Too Dangerous [Video]

Happy Endings is a very funny television show. I’m not sure if its ironic or absurd or sad (Answer: Sad. It is very, very sad.) that while Lena Dunham and Girls were being honored as the best comedy on television at the Golden Globes, ABC was busy burning off episodes of Happy Endings across the dial. Life isn’t fair, so whatever. Lance Briggs appeared on last night’s kickball episode of Happy Endings and said the following when introduced:

“That’s the name on my state I.D. I don’t drive. It’s too dangerous.”

Happy Endings is always spot on with their sports references and this one was no different. Briggs crashed his Lamborghini back in 2007, left it on the highway and reported it stolen. Tragedy + time = comedy. Good for Briggs. Apparently, he also does pilates and sees football in the stars.

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