Paulina Gretzky & Golfer Dustin Johnson Sure Are Having a Good Time in Hawaii

Paulina Gretzky and golfer Dustin Johnson are on vacation in Hawaii celebrating Johnson’s golf tournament win from last week. Since they are in Hawaii, they are also in bathing suits and thanks to Instagram and The Daily Mail, there are pictures. As you can see here … *motions arms towards computer screen*

When we found out that Paulina was dating a member of the PGA tour, who could have imagined this would be the outcome? Yet here we are. Paulina Gretzky, dating Dustin Johnson. Paulina Gretzky at the beach with boyfriend Dustin Johnson. Hanging out on a beach in a bikini. Taking pictures. Having pictures taken. Wearing a bikini. Paulina Gretzky posting bikini pictures on Instagram. On the beach with boyfriend Dustin Johnson. Beach bikini Paulina Gretzky.

Update: Sorry folks. It seems that the Paulina Pageviews Program shorted out before finishing this post. Looks like someone spilled coffee on it. We have a guy coming to look at it and hopefully he can get it going again before the next round of candids hits the Internet. Thanks for your patience.

[Paulina Instagram, Daily Mail, h/t: Herbie]

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