Roundup: Fish Grabs Man's Arm, Won't Let Go, Mark Sanchez and the "Sunk-Cost Effect" & Why Radio Host Steve Czaban Gave Up Twitter

Katharine McPhee … “Blogs become potent source for film, TV” … 17 severed heads, but no foul play suspected? … CNet vs. CBS? … Vermont University has banned bottled water … “Rap deserves better” … he’s got some thoughts on Lena Dunham … your absurd teacher/student story of the day … so I guess more maps with gun owners are on the way, huh? … “Parents’ Financial Support May Not Help College Grades” … a Q&A with Alice Cooper, who likes golf … “Pubic lice almost wiped out thanks to the popularity of bikini waxing” … man found dead in his apartment; dog had been eating his body … teacher popped for DUI, offers officer oral

Rotnei Clarke, Butler’s leading scorer has a sprained neck and won’t play this week, including against Gonzaga Saturday. [Star]

Former Nevada coach Chris Ault shares his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s sudden success in the NFL. [Mercury News]

A feeble attempt to defend Rick Barnes. [Basketball Prospectus]

Reminder: Heat vs. Lakers Thursday night. Clear the schedule! [Herald]

Kansas, basically, will never be bad, right? They might have an early exit in March here or there, but basically, they own the Big 12. Remind me of that next time I think about picking another team to win the conference. Jayhawks 61, Bears 44. [Star]

Everybody’s favorite radio guy, Steve Czaban, has given up twitter. Why? [DC Sports Bog]

The Sunk-Cost Effect as it pertains to Mark Sanchez and the Jets. [New Yorker]

Buzz Bissinger has some thoughts about the time he wrote a cover story on Lance Armstrong. The tease was strong, but I didn’t read it as I’m ignoring all things Lance Armstrong to the best of my abilities. [Daily Beast]

This large fish grabbed hold of the man’s arm and wouldn’t let go. Watch as they wrestle to the ground.

Here are some NFL fans fighting at a game … I’m not sure when it happened, though. Love the tough-guy posturing.

I’m probably the only one who laughed at this Artie Lange joke.

Here’s the new Tiger/Rory commercial. [via Kyle]

If this is real, it’s very, very awesome. I’m calling BS, though.

Somehow, I missed this Tommy Lee Jones Golden Globes moment. Hilarious. [via Hot Clicks]

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