Sports Epidemic: Basketballs Landing on the Back of the Rim When Fans Shoot Half-Court Shots For Money

On Friday night, an Atlanta Hawks fan got a half-court shot for a chance at $1,000. His shot landed on the back of the rim and sat there. It was an incredible shot. How does it not bounce? The odds of that happening must be astronomical. Sports Illustrated thinks the Hawks gave the money to the fan for his amazing non-basket after the emcee tipped the ball in. Amazingly, the exact same thing happened just a few weeks ago in Australia, but with more newsworthy results.

This fan had the same exact thing happen, except the people behind the promotion gave him a second shot – which he made. Then the league gave him the runaround until the local news showed up and they realized they were in the middle of a P.R. disaster. They paid the fan as promos for the news story showed up on television.

[Sports Illustrated, @Cartmaniak]

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