Notre Dame's Investigation into Manti Te'o Was a Joke, Based on What Te'o Told ESPN

Remember the Notre Dame “private” investigation into the Manti Te’o hoax that the school’s Athletic Director, Jack Swarbrick, talked about Wednesday? The one that started Dec. 26th when Te’o told them about the fake/dead girlfriend, and ended Jan. 5th with the findings being presented to him and his family in Miami?

Here’s what Manti Te’o told ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap about said investigation:

JEREMY SCHAAP: When do you meet the team?

MANTI TE’O: I meet Coach Kelly, Mr. Swarbrick and Coach Diaco right when I get into South Bend, which was the 27th or 28th.

JEREMY SCHAAP: What do they say?

MANTI TE’O: They’re confused, too. But they said if we’re going to launch an investigation, we’re going to try to find answers to all of our questions. So that’s what they did.

JEREMY SCHAAP: And they questioned you?

MANTI TE’O: Yeah, they questioned me.

JEREMY SCHAAP: Who questioned you?

MANTI TE’O: They all did. They just asked simple questions. What did she say? What did she tell you? When did you find out?

JEREMY SCHAAP: When you say “all of them,” you mean Swarbrick?

MANTI TE’O: Swarbrick, Kelly and Coach Diaco. The investigator, all she asked was just for a picture and any evidence that I had.

JEREMY SCHAAP: She never interviewed you?

MANTI TE’O: No, she never interviewed me again.

Is your mind blown? Ok, a few things to remember – ESPN notes that the transcript was edited. So it is possible he went off the record (his lawyer was in the room) and ESPN chopped that. We’ll never know.

But … that’s all the private investigation consisted of? A picture and … evidence? One interview? No follow-ups?

Speaking of follow-ups, where’s Schaap’s next question: What did the findings tell you?

Te’o has spoken, but many (at least from my perspective based on comments, tweets and talking with people) still don’t believe him. Why not just reveal the contents of the ND investigation?

Because you want to see it first!

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