Manti Te'o Spent Hundreds of Hours on the Phone With Fake Dead Girlfriend According to Phone Records

Manti Te’o spent hundreds of hours on the phone with someone he believed to be Lennay Kekua according to ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap. Unverified phone records allegedly show that Te’o had 110 calls with “Kekua” that lasted over an hour. Schaap has obtained spreadsheets of the call data from a source close to Te’o. When you consider that Te’o has said on multiple occasions that he slept through the night while on the phone… That’s a lot of freaking time on the phone.

As Te’o has pointed out, the calls were free because “Lennay” had AT&T. Can you imagine spending a single hour on the phone pretending to be someone else? I can understand Catfishing someone online, but the time and effort it takes to spend this much time on the phone with someone as a prank? I can’t comprehend it. Who is the joke on after the 4th consecutive hour of talking about your dreams and listening to some dude snore?


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