Danny Espinosa Has an Attractive Girlfriend Who Has Already Blocked MLB Network's Kevin Millar on Twitter

Danny Espinosa is the second baseman for the Washington Nationals. As you can see, his life is pretty awesome. He plays baseball for a living and he has a super sweet beard. The only person with a better life is Sarah Mosher, who gets to date Danny Espinosa. She probably gets tickets to games and she gets to be seen in public with that sweet ass beard. On a recent episode of MLB Network’s Intentional Talk with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar, the player, the beard and the woman were discussed.

Nats Inquirer transcribed the Musburger-ian work by Millar.

Rose: It looks like the black Santa Claus beard. It’s that fluffy and everything.

Millar: I mean, I didn’t even recognize it. I mean, it was just a gorgeous dress. Danny? Back to you, Chris. Don’t make it awkward.

Rose: …You made it awkward. She’s already blocked you from Twitter. You tried to follow that lady.

Millar: You put a big pause. I was talking, you put a big pause and made it TV awkwardness.

Rose: Is it true or not that lady blocked you from her Twitter account?

Millar: True story. I was trying to view the pictures of the beard, and it was like, I can’t view it!

Was Millar actually blocked or just confused by @sarabethmosher having protected tweets? He was probably confused, but it makes for a better story if the Nationals’ second baseman’s girlfriend had to block an MLB Network employee on Twitter. That would be strange since he hadn’t even made a big deal about her on television yet.

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