Duke May Have Committed an NCAA Violation by Practicing from 1:30 am-4:45 This Morning After the Miami Loss [UPDATE: Dan Patrick's producer says they were goofing.]

Coach K reportedly didn’t handle the Duke blowout loss to Miami well. If Dan Patrick is to be believed, the Blue Devils returned to Durham early this morning and immediately went to the practice court.

That’s fantastic, except for one thing – it’d be an NCAA violation.

John Infante, who knows the NCAA rule book as well as anyone, notes the NCAA prohibits practice between midnight and 5 am. It’s a relatively new rule that dates back to 2010. If you’re wondering about exceptions to the rule – yes, Midnight Madness is one, and so is an actual game.

Infante also notes that if the alleged practice was led by the players, it wasn’t a violation. So does Coach K have some explaining to do?

Before anyone gets too giddy with joy about Coach K squirming in explaining this situation … Jeff Goodman of CBS is already saying the practice report may not be totally accurate. [UPDATE: Andy Katz is also refuting the practice report.]

[UPDATE: Paul Pabst, Dan Patrick’s producer, emails in to say they were “goofing” about the idea of a 1:30 am practice.]

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