Katie Couric Has 3 Voicemails Left By Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Doing His Female "Lennay Kekua" Voice For Manti Te'o!

Manti Te’o allegedly spent hundreds, upon hundreds of hours on the telephone with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo who was pretending to be Lennay Kekua. ESPN doesn’t have actual phone records of these calls, but they have a spreadsheet that totals them up. If you believe the spreadsheets are accurate, then you probably wonder how someone could spend so much damn time on the phone falling in love with a dude who was pretending to be a girl.

Well, if you head over to Katie Couric.com, you can listen to three voicemails that “Lennay” left for Manti when Te’o was too busy to talk to his fake girlfriend who was actually a dude the entire time. [Update: Katie Couric has removed the voicemails! Why? Who knows! Conspiracy probably! TMZ has the voicemails if you want to hear all 53 glorious seconds.]

One voicemail was left on the day of her first chemo treatment. The next is a jealous voicemail after Manti might have had “someone else” in his room. The third was left on a night when Te’o was probably studying or “out with the guys.”

What a voice. You know what? That’s good enough for me! Nothing else to see here!

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