Tom Brady Was Fined $10,000 For His Kick of Ed Reed, the Same Amount Robert Griffin III Got For Wearing Adidas After a Game

Tom Brady got fined by the NFL for his sliding kick of Ed Reed in the AFC Championship Game. That, in an of itself, is a surprise. The fine was for $10,000, as first reported by Ian Rapaport. That fine announcement came a few hours after Frank Gore was fined $10,500 for wearing his socks too low in the NFC Championship Game.

If you are keeping track (and here is a summary of all fines of players this year), here are some of the notable fines this season:

  • Ed Reed fined $55,000 for hit on Victor Cruz
  • Ed Reed fined $50,000 for hit on Emmanuel Sanders
  • Bill Belichick fined $50,000 for contacting a replacement official
  • Cam Newton fined $21,000 for contacting a referee Jerome Boger
  • Jared Allen fined $21,000 for blind side block that ended Lance Louis’ season
  • Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree fined $10,500 for throwing footballs into stands after touchdowns
  • Frank Gore fined $10,500 for wearing ankle socks
  • Robert Griffin III fined $10,000 for wearing Adidas at a post game press conference
  • Tom Brady fined $10,000 for ninja kicking Ed Reed
  • Jay Cutler fined $10,000 for taunting by flipping ball at another player

Sounds about right. Throwing footballs to fans and socks are worth $500 more than a sliding kick into an opposing player, which is equal to wearing something with Adidas on it after a game.

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