Ronaiah Tuiasosopo's Female Cousin May Have Actually Been the Voice of Lennay Kekua

Manti Te’o spent hundreds of hours on the phone with someone. At least that’s what a spreadsheet compilation of some phone records say. Was the voice Manti Te’o fell in love with that of a man or a woman? Thursday, Tuiasosopo’s lawyer told the Daily News Te’o was speaking with the hoax-organizer himself. Later in the day, we heard three voicemails from “Lennay Kukua,” that sure sounded like a woman’s voice. Today, the New York Post reports that the voice of Lennay was Ronaiah’s cousin, Tino Tuiasasopo – a girl! From the Post:

One of Ronaiah’s relatives believes Grimes put out the story because the admitted hoaxer “is determined to take the rap.”

In an interview yesterday with ABC’s Katie Couric, Te’o provided voicemail messages from Lennay and insisted that he’d been duped into believing he was in a legitimate relationship.

After hearing the voicemails, one of Tino’s cousins told The Post, “There is no doubt whatsoever that it’s Tino.”

Audio experts also told Good Morning America it is impossible that it was a man on the phone. So there’s that.

I can’t wait to see who left the voicemails tomorrow! [New York Post]

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