Trent Williams Was Hit With a Champagne Bottle and Tasered in Bar Fight, Will Not Play in Pro Bowl

Trent Williams, the towering 325 pound offensive lineman, won’t be gracing us with his presence at the Pro Bowl on Sunday thanks to a bar brawl in Honolulu where he was reportedly struck with a champagne bottle, and then given the taser treatment, not by police, but the lunatic he fought.

If you bring a taser to a bar, chances are this isn’t your first bar fight. And if you’re going to fight Trent Williams, chances are you will probably need a taser.

Here’s the statement from the NFL:

“Trent Williams was the victim of an assault at a night club in central Honolulu early this morning and another individual has been arrested,” an NFL spokesman said. “Due to an injury sustained during the assault, he will not play in the Pro Bowl and has been replaced by Matt Kalil. Trent is still a member of this year’s NFC All-Star team and will be on the sidelines this Sunday wearing his jersey. He will be credited with a Pro Bowl appearance and receive a full player’s share.”

Williams was most recently in the news following a playoff loss to Seattle where he heroically did what everyone in the world wanted to do, and mushed the endlessly yappy Richard Sherman. He will not play in the Pro Bowl on Sunday, but that’s due to injuries sustained in the fight, not because of the fight itself.

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