LeSean McCoy & His Baby Mama Went at it on Twitter: She Said He Has Herpes, He Deleted His Account

LeSean McCoy has deleted his Twitter account this morning, after using it to get his followers to harass his baby momma Saturday night. Since the account is deleted, his original tweet is no longer available, but fortunately Crossing Broad has all the best ones saved. Here’s one of the preserved re-tweets of what he sent:

If you read all the tweets, his Baby Mama alleges he has a small penis and can’t stay hard and has herpes; he seems angry that he met her, didn’t know her name, and a week later knocked her up. She comes back with a haymaker – he performed oral sex on her last week to avoid a child support payment.

This led to a wide variety of reactions on Twitter, including, of course, some sending derogatory messages to a woman identified as “Steph.” A more common one, and one shared here, is don’t air your dirty laundry or use the social media following as a bullhorn to engage in non-sense. It’s probably best that Shady is no longer sharing his thoughts. This one will go down in future lessons on how not to use social media as a public figure.

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