Pro Bowl Week in Photos: Mascots vs. Dancers, Train, and Peyton Manning's Gut

The Pro Bowl is happening tonight. Exciting stuff. I’m sure a lot of you are getting in on the action (the line is -1 for the AFC) but in lieu of an in depth breakdown of the game and who will try to make a tackle, let’s just have a look at Pro Bowl Week and some of the funniest, most intriguing, and best photos from Hawaii. I know the NFL can roll out a bunch of players playing touch football in pads and get great ratings. They would get better ratings by televising the mascots versus the dancers.

Look at that lineman get downfield. You won’t get that kind of effort and bounce to the step in the actual game. The Ram is hot in pursuit, while Pat the Patriot was likely the victim of an illegal block from behind.

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The person pictured below is either (a) retired in Florida, living in a maintenance-assisted community, or (b) a MVP candidate in the NFL. The answer is all of the above.

Center Chris Myers is either caught on camera with a nose pick (it’s a scratch!) or Greg Knapp just passed gas, and Myers is not quite as good as Matt Schaub about trying to play it off.

The Pro Bowl is an enjoyable train wreck. Appropriate that Train is going to perform, though lead singer Pat Monahan is now subject to investigation for what he is doing to Zane Beadles.

Gerald McCoy is responsible for making sure the Doug Martin statute gets put back in place outside the stadium.

Peyton Manning demonstrates proper butt grabbing technique to Andrew Luck.

When it came time for team photos with the natives, Marcel Reece was happy no other Raiders made the pro bowl.

[photos via USA Today Sports Images]

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