Ex-Wife of the Late Lorenzen Wright Spent $973k of a $1 Million Insurance Payout in 10 Months

Lorenzen Wright was murdered in 2010 and the case remains unsolved. Following his passing, his ex-wife, Sherra Robinson Wright, eventually received $1 million in life insurance proceeds to support the couple’s six children. Sadly, she did nothing of the sort. This story is beyond disgraceful, as she’s spent nearly all of the payout in just 10 months. Here’s a breakdown of the colossally stupid spending spree:

$32,000 for a Cadillac Escalade; $26,000 for a Lexus; $69,000 on an assortment of furniture; $11,750 for a trip to New York; $339,000 to buy and improve a new house; $7,100 for a deposit on a swimming pool; $5,000 for lawn equipment; $277 for dinner and a movie; $34,000 on lawyers. All within 10 months.

Throwing in the note about $277 for dinner and a movie seems like a rather unnecessary nugget to include, though also unnecessary is spending almost $70,000 on furniture and dropping nearly $12,000 on a “trip to New York.” By “trip,” it’s assumed they meant “month trapped inside The W.”

The excessive spending has predictably ignited a legal battle, one I imagine won’t be ending anytime soon, over control of what’s left in Wright’s estate.

As mentioned above, the murder of Lorenzen Wright remains unsolved. In 2010, his body, shot multiple times, was found in a wooded area in southeast Memphis five months after his divorce from Sherra Wright.

[via Commercial Appeal, BSO]

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