Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence Had a Wardrobe Malfunction at the SAG Awards & How ESPN Will Cover Super Bowl Week

Sophia Vergara … layoffs are coming to Time Inc. this week … Brazil nightclub fire kills 233 people … “Polo player strips naked, climbs into another man’s bed” … she was fined for deer theft … this story alleges that someone was ‘set up‘ to get caught for DUI … do emails link a Senator to a underage Dominican prostitutes? … Chris Brown got in a fight with Frank Ocean … terribly sad story about an MLB catcher losing his 5-month old daughter … what pro sports teams are in the most movies? … sappy, cute, old-people romance! … Casey Anthony has filed for bankruptcy … here are your SAG award winners

Angry Phil Mushnick notes Rachel Nichols’ departure from ESPN the only way he knows how. [Post]

The NCAA’s ethics problem. [Nocera]

The great tale of how Jim Harbaugh got to know Colin Kaepernick before the draft. [SF Gate]

What happens when you compare Richard Sherman to Darrelle Revis? [PFF]

ESPN, as you can imagine, will be covering the shit out of the Super Bowl this week. [NOLA]

Bernard Pollard: Quiet guy who doesn’t wear pants during interviews, and injures Patriots. [NYT]

Really in-depth look at the immediate aftermath of a major football injury. [Chronicle]

Malcolm Gladwell and Chuck Klostermann swap emails about Manti T’eo. [Grantland]

“Relatives and angry young men rampaged through the Egyptian city of Port Said on Saturday in assaults that killed at least 27 people following death sentences for local fans involved in the country’s worst bout of soccer violence.” [AP]

Sasha Cohen: Figure skating champ, college student. Now goes by ‘Alex’. [USA Today Sports]

“If you beat Jim to the basket, he would think nothing of grabbing your pants and trying to pull them down. He would not allow himself to get beat. Period.” [NYDN]

This will probably make you want to buy Bill Wash’s football book. [ESPN]

Car comes out of the foam. [via Cartmaniak]

Bad lip reading at the Inauguration.

If you missed Matt Damon taking over Jimmy Kimmel live last week … [via Hot Clicks]

The lone highlight of the SAG awards.

Because you want to see it first!

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