NFL Cheerleaders at the Pro Bowl Cheered & Played Football Against Mascots

As part of our continued coverage of the very important NFL Pro Bowl, here is a gallery of NFL cheerleaders at the Pro Bowl. Yes, a gallery. The classiest, most prestigious form of multiple-image delivery and consumption. In this gallery, you can see that the cheerleaders went to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl and wore their cheerleading outfits. Then, whilst wearing those outfits, they posed for pictures, cheered and played a game of football against the mascots.

Why isn’t there video of this? Obviously, a Cheerleaders vs. Mascots touch football game should take the place of the Pro Bowl. And the winner of the game should determine home field advantage in the World Series. Yes, the World Series. It makes just as much sense as the All-Star game determining home field in the World Series.

Because you want to see it first!

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