Roundup: LeSean McCoy Apologizes, the Boston Media is the Worst & Ladies Love Brandon Phillips

Taylor Swift … is employment dead in the water? … the secret ingredients for success … yes, stories two days in a row about old people and love … the next slate of 30-for-30’s on ESPN are coming in March … this underwater hotel looks sweet … “Nude woman hits nude fiance with car” … the man who made McDonald’s died this month at 80 … Barbara Walters has chicken poxFred Smoot and his wife are getting a divorce … NYC penis subway map … go into Hannah Storm’s house, see what that terrifying explosion was like … if you were a fan of the OC, you’ll love this

JJ Redick’s wife is a fan of Justin Bieber, and he’s friends with Bieber’s manager, hence Redick went to the Biebs’ concert recently. [Sentinel]

Whiny, petulant, entitled, self-important – the Boston media! [Boston Magazine]

UNC and Kentucky have renewed their rivalry, which is great for college hoops. [Observer]

Fritz Peterson, best known as the wife-swapping pitcher from the Yankees, is going to be a consultant on the movie being made about him that may star Damon and Affleck. [Palm Beach Post]

LeSean McCoy has apologized for his Saturday night twitter rant at his Baby Mama. [Philly.com]

If you’re going to wager on Alicia Keys and the length of the National Anthem, read this. [Beyond the Bets]

Former NFL kicker Tom Dempsey is dealing with dementia. [Times]

Major Kentucky donor busted for pyramid scheme. [Kentucky Sports Radio]

“At other stops a woman fainted and girls cried in the presence of Reds all-star second baseman Brandon Phillips. On Sunday, he received a marriage proposal.” [Dayton Daily News]

Mark Bradley thinks college basketball stinks. [AJC]

High school recruit visits FIU, goes to strip club, tweets about it. [Herald]

The 50th anniversary of Marv Albert getting his break in announcing. [SB Nation]

At Some Schools, Achievement Lags Behind Opportunity. [Pro Publica]

How about those Baltimore Ravens rookies? [Sun]

Sports journalism has changed! This old gentleman doesn’t seem happy about it. [Bluefield Daily Telegraph]

Hey moped guy, get out of the intersection! [via Adam]

Seven minutes of news bloopers from January. [via Hot Clicks]

What could possibly possess a crew of people to start drifting in the middle of highway? [via Cartmaniak]

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