Russell Westbrook is Eccentric and Infantile and Oklahoma City is Just Going to Have to Deal with It [Video]

Russell, Russell, Russell.

I thought we were beyond this infantile behavior? Remember when Scott Brooks benched you in the 2011 playoffs against Dallas? That was supposed to be a learning experience. Then came the December 2011 dust-up with teammate Kevin Durant. But then you cleaned up your act, and the Thunder lavished you with an $80 million deal. You tore up the Heat in game four of the Finals last June in a performance for the ages.

Why the regression last night when your team was coasting to a victory? Here’s how the Oklahoman described Westbrook’s bizarre behavior:

Westbrook barked at the genteel Thabo Sefolosha, took a shot so wild Scotty Brooks was forced to substitute, blew his stack while being counseled by Mo Cheeks, knocked over a chair and stormed off the court to the comfort of a Chesapeake Arena tunnel.

Westbrook’s only 24. We know he’s different, from the glasses to the gear. Is this just something Oklahoma City is going to have to deal with? His talents are too great to trade him away. Guess you’ve got to learn to love his eccentricity, OKC.

Because you want to see it first!

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