USC: Matt Barkley Won't Throw at the Combine. Matt Barkley: Uh, I Never Said That

This was the last snap Matt Barkley took in a USC uniform – Anthony Barr of rival UCLA nearly decapitated him – and nobody’s seen the QB throw a pass since. That was in November.

Obviously, this will impact Matt Barkley’s draft stock. How was his shoulder healing? He had a rough season to begin with, and the injury only adds to the doubts of anyone trying to handicap the draft. Then, this happened.

So the USC athletic department tweeted about Barkley not throwing at the Combine. Then, Barkley said that’s false (though he didn’t say he would throw at the Combine; maybe he’s hopeful he can?). If you look at the USC athletic department feed, it seems they got the report … from ESPN.

Why rely on ESPN when you could simply go to Barkley or Lane Kiffin and ask them?

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Remember 13 months ago when Barkley decided to return to USC for his senior year, and everyone made the Trojans No. 1 and handed Barkley the Heisman? Life, man.

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