Ray Lewis Doesn't Donate Money to His Own Charity


Ray Lewis Doesn't Donate Money to His Own Charity


Ray Lewis Doesn't Donate Money to His Own Charity

Ray Lewis is the best! What a guy! Praise the Lord! While Sports Illustrated was busy putting Ray Lewis on its cover for the second time with his hands clasped in “prayer” The New York Post was buys looking at his bullshit charities that mean nothing because all he has given them is his name. From the New York Post:

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis — who earned $7.2 million in 2011 — couldn’t spare a dime of it for his own charity, The Post has learned.

Not even a dime, Ray?

Lewis, who is playing his last game in tonight’s Super Bowl, set up two charities to polish his image after pleading guilty to obstruction of justice in 2000 in connection with a double homicide in Atlanta that year.

He started the Ray Lewis Foundation in 2002, but the group lost its IRS tax-exempt status because it failed to file tax returns for three years.

His newest charity is the Ray Lewis Family Foundation.

The organization’s biggest events are giveaways of school supplies and food. But most of the loot is donated by businesses, such as Walmart.

When you talk about going through the motions to do pointless shit that the media will eat up, Ray Lewis is one of the all-time greats.

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