Beyonce Caused Two Power Outages During Halftime Show Rehearsals, Says Boomer Esiason

The power went out in the Superdome during the Super Bowl. WFAN’s Boomer Esiason was broadcasting the game live from the Superdome and was positioned on the 7th floor, near the ceiling when he and Kevin Harlan heard a buzzing sound. From CBS New York:

“The interesting thing is, about five or six minutes prior to I guess the breaker going, where our radio booth was up on the seventh floor, we were almost at the ceiling of the dome, and Kevin says to me, ‘Man, do you hear that buzzing?’ And I took my headset off and there was this like electrical buzz sound coming from the ceiling. This was after halftime, it was after Beyonce.

Well, it certainly wasn’t Beyonce’s fault though, right?

“And by the way, Beyonce blew the electric in the Superdome twice, I’m told, during her rehearsals during the week.”

Nooooo! Beyonce! Damn you!

/glares at Sasha Fierce poster

Of course, the NFL says that Beyonce’s halftime show had nothing to do with the outage. The NFL is too smart to blame Beyonce. If you blame Beyonce, she probably won’t accept the job offer of Super Bowl Halftime God.

A Superdome power company official said Beyonce’s act was fueled “100 percent” by generated power, “which means it was not our grid at all. In fact, during the halftime show, we had a drop in power.”

Well there you go. Beyonce wasn’t doing as much as charging her iPhone with the Superdome’s power. We’ll just have to blame New Orleans. Or Michele Williams.

[CBS New York]

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