Jacoby Jones Kickoff Return for TD Means Baltimore Furniture Store Gives Away $600,000 in Free Furniture

When Jacoby Jones raced up the middle 108 yards for a touchdown to start the second half of the Super Bowl, Baltimore Ravens fans erupted with joy at a 28-6 lead. A few lucky fans in Baltimore were doubly lucky – they got free furniture thanks to a bizarre giveaway. From the Baltimore Sun:

Gardiners Furniture, a Baltimore company, offered customers the throwdown, saying if such a kick return happened, all furniture bought between Jan. 31 and 3 p.m. on game day would be free.

This is the third year the store has run such a promotion. Since such a kick return hasn’t happened in nearly 50 years, Lehrl said, the store owners figured they were pretty safe. But they took out an insurance policy — just in case.

This year, she said, they’ll be giving out $600,000 of free furniture.

Wonder if the insurance company took Lehrl’s word for it on the “nearly 50 years” fact. Hope not. According to Super Bowl records, the first kickoff return for a score – anytime – was by Fulton Walker of the Miami Dolphins in 1985.

And as everyone remembers, Devin Hester ran the opening kickoff back 92 yards against the Colts in 2007. Maybe Mr. Furniture Owner meant five instead of 50? [Sun]

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