San Francisco Was Ready For Riots, So Only 25 People Were Arrested After the 49ers Super Bowl Loss

When the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in October, 36 people were arrested, a bus was smashed, fires were lit, and vandals ran amok.

Police were ready this time – remember, the Mayor knew this was coming and tried to get bars to serve something besides alcohol – and after Michael Crabtree couldn’t haul in this 4th down pass in the final two minutes (in the Miami-Ohio State BCS title game, this was a hold), it was over.

Denizens of San Francisco handled the loss well:

As the game drew to an end, dozens of police officers and sheriff’s deputies fanned out on foot, motorcycles and patrol cars. A police helicopter hovered above, watching for signs of┬átrouble.

Despite the large number of people on sidewalks, most appeared to be well-behaved in the Mission after the game. Police said 25 people were arrested for public intoxication, but that was only a preliminary count. A final count would not be available until┬áMonday. 

Nice showing, San Francisco. That’s a calmer night than when the 49ers hosted the Packers in the playoffs and everyone partied really, really hard.

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