Katherine Webb-Fueled Twitter Feud: Dockett Calls McCarron a Sissy & Wants to Box. McCarron Wants to Count Rings

Darnell Dockett and A.J. McCarron are still going at it over Twitter about McCarron’s girlfriend and Inside Edition Super Bowl reporter / celebrity diver / model, Katherine Webb. During the National Championship Game, Dockett tweeted a phone number at Webb. Everyone assumed it would end there as a joke. Dockett went as far as to say he was into hood chicks who sported stab wounds and bullet holes. But things heated up again over the weekend as all three descended on New Orleans for the Super Bowl festivities.

On Friday at 4:34pm, Docket asked Webb about lunch.

@DDockett: Aye @_katherinewebb we still on for lunch. I’m suggestion a spot in calliope projectsbring Lil AJ too! My boyz will keep him comapany.

Around 10pm Friday night, McCarron dropped the thirsty bomb in reply.

@10AJMcCarron: @ddockett Pro player and u gotta try & be twitter thirsty! I saw you today bro with Katherine looked dead at you & u didn’t say a thing

@10AJMcCarron: @ddockett and come to mobile sometime if ya want to! I got plenty of boys that will keep u company! #real

I believe McCarron answered a threat with a threat in that last tweet. Somehow, even later in the morning, Dockett responded.

@DDockett: @10ajmccarron you saw me and didn’t speak ? Where’s your manners? Tell kath I didn’t notice her, sorry but ill be on look out now

Last night Dockett decided to switch tactics.

@ddockett: Aye sissy boy @10ajmccarron lets go boxing. Great way to stay in shape , you down?

Yes, the 290-pound guy wants to box the 210 pound guy. (They are both listed at 6’4″.) Knowing Dockett could stomp him in a physical confrontation, he went to the old Internet Troll Standby: RINGZ!one!1!!

@AJMcCarron: @DDockett yeah after u box @ochocinco oh & after u have as many rings as me. #3xchamp Ur a couple of years ahead of me & I’m still winning

@DDockett: @AJMcCarron I have a national championship ring. And lets not get into who got what cuz that’s a no win for you.

@AJMcCarron: @DDockett haa yeah u got one and like I said I got 3! Big difference I like playing around with u bro. If u spent as much time on Ur game as

@AJMcCarron: @Ddockett as much as u do on twitter u might actually make sum more pro bowls! U never arrived & so u might want to keep working. Stats were

@AJMcCarron: @DDockett down this last season. Let’s pick it back up.

Well played by McCarron. Dockett has yet to respond, but he’s probably busy making Katherine Webb a super sweet Valentine’s Day gift.

Because you want to see it first!

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