LBJSUX, IH8LBJ, EFFLBJ Among Hundreds of Rejected Ohio Vanity License Plates

Ohio has a complicated relationship with LeBron James. He grew up in Akron and supported the economy of Cleveland for seven years. When he took his talents to South Beach, a good portion of the Buckeye State turned against their former hero. Ohio recently released a list of 500 banned vanity license plates and the hard feelings are obvious.

Among the banned plates are the following anti-LeBron plates: LBJSUX, LBJSUCK, IH8LBJ, H8LBJ, EFFLBJ and EFLBJ. Maybe it is time to move on.

For the Seinfeld fans out there, ASSMAN, was also rejected. And apparently there is a South Carolina fan somewhere in Ohio, but he won’t be able to show his support for his college team because GOCOCKS was also rejected.

[Dayton Daily News via Mr. Dr. Jennn]

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