Teenage Longhorns Fan Beats Cancer, Shares Inspirational Message: "Fire Mack Brown"

Nolan Conaway is a lucky kid. Nolan was rough-housing with a friend when he fell and hit his head. Conway had previously been complaining to his parents about headaches, but this head injury made his parents take him to the hospital. From KHOU:

Nolan’s injury wasn’t just a bump on the head; it was cancer. Doctors discovered a fast-growing tumor on the outside of his skull causing swelling outside his skull and pushing inside to his

brain. “You can never overreact in situations like that,” she said. “Always trust your instinct. If you think something’s wrong take them in (to the doctor) just in case.”

Doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital performed surgery the very next day to remove the golf-ball sized tumor and the fist-sized piece of compromised bone around it. He completed 29 chemotherapy sessions over the course of one year. And just last month, when he was declared completely cancer free, doctors installed a custom implant to replace the piece of skull they removed.

Awesome story. Now for the sport connection. Conaway is a huge Texas Longhorns fan and KHOU asked him if he had an inspirational message to his team. He did.

“Fire Mack Brown!”

As you can see, Nolan is feeling much better.

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