Barack Obama Follows Recruiting, Dropped a Reuben Foster Reference to Ozzie Newsome

Barack Obama follows recruiting, apparently. While congratulating Alabama legend Ozzie Newsome on the Ravens’ Super Bowl win, the President referenced Reuben Foster, the Alabama commit with an Auburn tattoo.

Obama then made reference to the news that Foster, a five-star linebacker from Auburn High School, had announced his decision to commit to Alabama.

“You guys just got another draft pick down there. A guy who already tattooed Auburn on his arm and then decided to go to Alabama instead,” Obama said.

“He did the same thing I did,” Newsome responded. “I committed to Auburn and I changed my mind. It happens all the time down there. It only counts on signing day.”

For those doubting the power of sports, the candidate you would more want to have a beer and watch a game with has won every Presidential election since 1980.

[Photo via @BarackObama]

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