Steelers Fan Shows up at Ravens Super Bowl Parade, Gets Heckled [Video]

The Ravens had their Super Bowl victory parade Tuesday and one Steelers fan showed up. You’ll be shocked to hear this, but she got heckled. CSN Baltimore showed her during their broadcast as Baltimore fans chanted “go home,” and “Steelers suck.” I would embed the video here, but I couldn’t stop the autoplay and everytime the video would restart while I was putting this post together the giddy way in which the CSN reporter told viewers about the fans heckling the idiot Steelers fan became more and more grating until I nearly stabbed someone in tribute to the parde we’re talking about where three people were stabbed.

Maybe walking around Baltimore wearing Steelers colors on the day the city celebrated the Super Bowl champs wasn’t a good idea?¬†What this woman did takes some balls, but also a who buttload of stupidity. According to this video, she was apparently there because she thought Ray Lewis “deserved this ring.” Ray Lewis, this woman, Baltimore fans … this story is like the a 100-meter dash to decide who is the worst. [via Steelers Dept]

Because you want to see it first!

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