Todd Helton Arrested for Driving Under the Influence [With Mugshot]

Todd Helton was arrested early this morning for DUI, according to the Denver Post. The team released a statement:

“We were extremely disappointed to learn that Todd was arrested this morning. This type of behavior is taken very seriously by our organization,” the team said in a statement released Wednesday morning. “We know that he clearly understands the seriousness of his poor decision, the harm that could have been inflicted on others and the embarrassment his mistake has caused to himself, his family, the Colorado Rockies organization and to Major League Baseball. Todd is taking full accountability for his actions with his family, his fans and the organization. The man we have grown to know has strong values that are grounded in his family and hard work. Todd clearly understands the severity of the situation.”

Helton is 39 years old, and returning for one final season. Not a great way to start the farewell tour. Sportswriters everywhere will now have to weigh his character, and Hall of Famers who were once popped for drug possession will have six years to determine if he merits inclusion in their club.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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