Mike Francesa: Caller Accuses Him of Stuttering, Responds By Stuttering [Video]

Mike Francesa tends to invite prank callers on almost a regular basis, but the ante was raised today thanks to the first two callers on the show.

The first astute listener asks Francesa if he would put himself in the stuttering hall of fame if such a thing were to exist. The cantankerous radio host predictably responds by stuttering. Clearly agitated and realizing he just stuttered while claiming he’s never stuttered, the comically insecure Francesa goes into what the guy does for a living, making for a conversation about as valuable as this post. The next caller naturally follows with an insistence that big Mikey never discuss the weather again. Sadly, all three minutes are worth the listen.

Sports radio at its absolute worst is usually the best kind.

[via @JimmyTraina]

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