Watch Mirza Teletovic of the Nets Shoot Three Straight Airballs in Less Than One Minute

Mirza Teletovic of the Nets is a 27-year-old rookie from Bosnia, and for some reason, he decided to get trigger-happy in the 3rd quarter against Detroit. First, Teletovic takes an open 3-pointer … airball. Not even close. You can see him attempt to “warm up” his hands after that shot.

Then, undaunted, he decided to take a fallaway 12-footer on the next possession that also was an airball. Clearly not rattled by those two misfires, Teletovic then took another 3-pointer, and this one also missed everything.

He was pulled from the game a couple minutes later by Coach PJ Carlesimo and did not play again. The Nets won on the road, 93-90.

Because you want to see it first!

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