Jameis Winston Might Save Jimbo Fisher at Florida State, and Trent Dilfer Thinks He's Going to Be the No. 1 Pick in the Draft When He Leaves

Jameis Winston, a highly-touted QB from Alabama who went to Florida State but redshirted in 2012, will probably end up on a few Heisman Trophy sleeper lists in August. He’s got a cannon for an arm. Have you seen him heave a football over a frat house in Tallahassee?

Also, he’s in the Colin Kaepernick/Russell Wilson mold: He runs the read option. He’s not as thick as Kaepernick (yet), but he’s bigger than Wilson. Winston doesn’t have the speed of a young Vick, but he’s not lumbering, either.

Jimbo Fisher hopes Winston’s arm will save his Seminoles, who have underachieved the last few years. Florida State, as usual, will start the 2013 preseason in the Top 20, steamroll a weak schedule, lose a game it shouldn’t, and win a bowl game to make the season look like a success.

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Unless Winston lives up to the hype. Last week, ESPN’s Trent Dilfer started to tout Winston as the No. 1 draft pick of the 2014 or 2015 draft. Here’s what he told the Buffalo News:

“He’ll be the first pick of the draft if the first pick goes to a team that wants to run the pistol, zone-read, have a passer. He’s that kind of kid.”

Reminder: Winston hasn’t throw a pass in college. This sounds like LSU’s Zach Mettenberger all over again. Remember the hype surrounding him last year? And he had actually thrown a few passes (at Georgia before transferring).

No pressure, Jameis.

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