Michael Vick Restructures His Contract, Will Remain in Philadelphia to Compete For the Starting QB Job

Michael Vick and the Chip Kelly offense is a bit closer to happening, as the team announced Vick has agreed to a restructured deal for the 2013 season. (Reporters scurried to tweet it out, with Schefter besting Glazer by a minute.) Reuben Frank says it is basically a one-year deal even though it is for three years, as the Eagles can void 2014 and 2015. So this is basically a deal that does not tie Philadelphia down long term, which is exactly what I thought was the route they might look if Vick was amenable.

Last month, I talked about the possibilities for the Eagles, including keeping Vick. Obviously, it had to happen at a reduced salary, but for Michael Vick, agreeing to this made too much sense. He wasn’t going to get a better opportunity to start in a system that fit his talents elsewhere. He could have taken a hard line and been in a worse position.

It remains to be seen whether Vick can adapt to the “read” part of the read option, since he has never been in this offense. However, it sure will make for an interesting season in Philadelphia. After watching what other teams were doing with the read option and pistol offenses down the stretch, we can say this now that Vick is back. Philadelphia should be interesting next year, and we’ll see if it is train wreck interesting or highlight reel on offense interesting.

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