Roundup: Katy Perry Won the Grammys, Pope Benedict Will Resign & Franchise Tag for Joe Flacco?

Katy Perry … the eternal question in Pennsylvania: Wawa vs. Sheetz … somebody bought Pat Riley’s obscene mansion just to level it … no, you can’t bling up your ankle monitor … for fans of ‘In Cold Blood‘ … such a Florida story … why some kids can handle pressure, and others fall apart … “Pope Benedict XVI Says He Will Resign” … the list of Grammy winners, if you didn’t watch …

The Ravens will franchise tag Joe Flacco, or franchise tag nobody. [Ravens.com]

Allen Crabbe scored 31 points and Cal stunned Arizona on the road. [SF Gate]

Sports read of the weekend: a profile of Jay Williams, the Duke star whose career ended in a motorcycle accident. [NYT]

Why doesn’t Pennsylvania produce as many football stars as it used to? [Inquirer]

Ray Ratto says Tim Lincecum’s haircut shouldn’t be a story. Welcome to the internet age, Ray. [CSN Bay Area]

Some week for Illinois – first the win over Indiana, now a shocker on the road against Minnesota. [Tribune]

So Tom Crean, good game coach or not? [Star]

The UNC Academic scandal continues to baffle, induce laughter. [News & Observer]

Urban Meyer’s secret recruiting weapon. [Land Grant Holy Land]

So Felix Hernandez got a historic contract last week, and now … well, there may be a snag due to a rumored elbow problem. [Seattle Times]

“For Johnson, 18, the game meant so much more. It was her first opportunity to play a game since she was diagnosed with transverse myelitis four years ago. After extensive rehab, she is able to walk and use her left arm, but she can’t use what was her dominant right arm. She has been the team manager ever since.” [Spokesman Review]

He wasn’t eating the sprinkles, nope. [via Jimmy Traina]

She sent her Hello Kitty into Space.

This has been around for over 14 months, but I don’t believe it has ever graced the roundup.

As Matt Norlander says, Naters Gonna Nate.

The Harlem Shake is back? Oh.

Because you want to see it first!

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