Blake Griffin Dunked on Spencer Hawes, and This Seems Like a Good Time To Remind You of Blake's Greatest Dunks

Blake Griffin went up and around 7-footer Spencer Hawes in Philly Monday, moving the ball from one hand to another mid-air and punching down a left-handed dunk. It generated plenty of oooos and ahhhs from the 76ers crowd.

Bledsoe to Griffin for the reverse dunk. Impressive.

Griffin hung in the air – as if the TV were paused – and then destroyed Perk. This briefly broke the internet, if memory serves. Some cats even vandalized Perk’s wikipedia page. Better hope he doesn’t find out.

Griffin on Pau Gasol, twice. The replay at :15 is tremendous – keep an eye on Gasol’s face. As for the second dunk, ESPN announcer Mark Jones screams, “Blake Griffin explodes on Gasol.” Apt. Also, gross.

How many power forwards in NBA history could do this? Nasty.

Not sure Griffin will ever top this one. Haters like to say Griffin didn’t “dunk” this – some even said that about the Perk slam – but rather “threw” it in the hoop. To quote the great Bill Walton, “throw it down Blake, throw it down.”

Because you want to see it first!

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