This Photo of Nerlens Noel's Knee Buckling and Almost Parallel to the Court Will Make You Cringe [UPDATE: Torn ACL]

Nerlens Noel, one of the country’s best freshman, may have had his college career end Tuesday when his knee buckled against the Gators. Kentucky hasn’t announced anything yet, but if Noel managed to escape serious injury, it would be a minor miracle. Just look at this photo, courtesy of the Lexington Herald-Leader: Noel’s leg is almost parallel to the ground.

[UPDATE: The school just announced Noel has a torn ACL and is out for the season.]

If Noel’s injury requires a major surgery and he’s out 6-9 months, does he still get drafted 1st overall in June? He probably wouldn’t even be ready for the start of the NBA season. Could the injury make it possible that Noel actually stays at Kentucky one more year? That seems unlikely given the fact that he could get injured again.

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