Will Ferrell Dressed Like a Staples Center Security Guard, Kicked Shaq Out of Lakers-Suns Game [Video]

Will Ferrell was at last night’s Lakers – Suns game, dressed as one of the Staples Center security guards. On the front of his red coat there was a name tag that said, “Ted Vagina.” Late in the game, Ferrell “kicked out” Shaquille O’Neal who was sitting in the front row. Shaq and his bodyguard went peacefully.

Why was Will Ferrell playing Lakers security guard? Probably because Will Ferrell was bored and this is the kind of thing that Will Ferrell does when he is bored. This is the same man who shoots Old Milwaukee commercials that run in random small markets in the¬†Midwest. And decides to write and star in a Spanish-language movie when he doesn’t speak Spanish.

Anchorman 2 comes out in 10 months and 7 days.

[image via @gotemcoach]

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