The Minnesota Vikings Change Their Logo Just To Test How Perceptive You Are

The Minnesota Vikings organization has announced enhancements to their Norseman logo that speak “to the direction the team is heading while still preserving the tradition of the Norseman.” Translation: we paid some consulting firm to come up with some flowery crap, who then suggested we pay some of their artist buddies, and well, why not?

Do you remember those old brain teaser puzzles in school where you had to identify everything that was different in two pictures? You know, where one chair had only three legs, or the tooth brush in one picture didn’t have any bristles. Well, the Minnesota Vikings are fans of those two.

Let’s see if you can identify all the fun changes that they probably paid someone a lot of money to implement.

According to the team website, the logo change will not happen overnight, so you might see both. Will you notice? Merchandise with the exciting new Norseman will go on sale in March. Make sure you get yours so your friends don’t make fun of you for having the old one on a shirt instead. Your old stuff is now obsolete.

By the way, here are the answers to the changes:

1. The shape of the horns is slightly different, as is some shading on the horns;

2. The base of the horn has been changed to resemble the one on the helmets;

3. The facial lines have been thickened;

4. The gold is “now brighter and less brassy”;

5. The hair braid has been shortened;

6. The Vikings’ brow is now slightly more furrowed, signifying concern over trading Percy Harvin.

Because you want to see it first!

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