Two Brothers in Kansas Blow Up House Celebrating Lottery Winnings

What would you do if you won the lottery? I’m going to guess something different than two yahoos in Wichita, who managed to blow up their house, sending one to the emergency room and the other to jail. The pair of brothers decided to celebrate a $75,000 winning ticket with marijuana and amphetamines. One of them was refueling butane torches to light the bongs when the butane leak met the pilot light on the furnace.

My favorite part of the story?

The victim’s girlfriend loaded him and some children into a car and took him to the Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis emergency room, where she dropped him off and left.

I’m going to set the odds of that being a healthy relationship at way lower than the odds both had top notch mullets. At least they won the lottery so they can afford to pay for the house, medical bills, and lawyer fees.

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