Luke Kuechly, the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, Currently Living Hard at Boston College

Luke Kuechly, the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year, has gone back to school. Unlike Cam Newton, who is quietly keeping his head down while he works on his studies at Auburn, the Panthers linebacker has been living it up in the Boston College dorms. Kuechly skipped the Super Bowl because he had class the next day, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t living the hard, glamorous life of a professional athlete. Kuechly is currently burning through a four-year, $12.6 million contract. Just look at these quotes from the Charlotte Observer as we go through this Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous checklist on how to throw it all away.

Doing things for people from childhood? Check.

Kuechly said he returned to campus to honor a promise he made to his parents, Tom and Eileen, who wanted him to finish his degree.

Prime real estate? Check.

“It’s great. I’m right on campus. Everything’s real close. I can get everywhere easily.”

Partying? Check.

He’s planning on spending a few days in Florida during spring break and will wrap up his studies in time to participate in the Panthers’ offseason program in April.

Hanging with old friends?

“I thought this would be a good opportunity to do it. All my friends are still around school. It’s still relatively fresh in my mind.

Fancy food? Check.

“We have a kitchen in the dorm to cook food. So it’s working out.”

Sex? Check.

“I’ve got a bed and everything.”

Obsessed with material possessions? Check.

“I packed a couple bags with some clothes and books and school stuff, and came on up.”

Hard living? Check.

Kuechly is taking five classes – marketing research, applied marketing, operations management, social media and an independent study course.

For the sake of the Carolina Panthers, let’s hope that Kuechly can get away from this life and focus on more important things.

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