Luke Scott Brought a Stuffed Wild Boar Head to Rays Camp

Luke Scott, the frequently controversial outfielder for the Rays, had promised some sort of “show and tell” with reporters and delivered the goods on Sunday afternoon, arriving to the clubhouse with a stuffed boar’s head.

“My first confirmed kill with a spear,” he said before heading out for today’s workout.

Judging by the photograph, it appears Scott greatly enjoys hunting and killing boars, and the dead boar appears to have experienced a great time as well. That’s easily the happiest, most delighted boar I’ve ever seen.

The last time we heard from Scott he was ripping Red Sox fans, and before that, he explained he didn’t think President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. And before that endearing nugget, he comically pulled his hamstring during a home run trot. Of course he did.

Scott tends to find himself in headlines that usually aren’t about baseball, and in the rare instances where they are about baseball, there’s a healthy chance he’s done something stupid. [via ‏@EddieInTheYard]

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