Cincinnati Still Trying to Beg Way Into ACC, This Time With $70 Million in Stadium Renovations

The Big East received a pitifully low television rights offer. Its brightest schools begging other conferences to bail them out without shame could be a major reason why. Cincinnati is spending $70 million renovating its football stadium to add swanky seating and luxury suites. The school’s president sent a DVD with their “exciting plans” to the president of every school in the ACC.

“Located in the heart of our campus, Nippert shines as one of the nation’s oldest college football venues,” UC President Santa Ono wrote. “I invite you to watch the enclosed DVD to learn more about our exciting plans.”

Cincinnati already tried to enlist alum Urban Meyer to campaign on the school’s behalf. If the next phase of Big Ten expansion is not settled by the summer, ACC presidents should brace themselves for a bombardment of brief, heavy breathing phone calls in the middle of the night.

Waiting for a school to dump $70 million into research to get into the AAU and entice the Big Ten.

[Photo via USA Today Sports]

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