Roundup: Da'Quan Bowers' New York Gun Charges Could Mean Jail, What it's Like to Jump into a Cactus & RIP Duke's Phil Henderson

Ashley Benson … a lot of people are prank calling Mike Francesa these days … Maker’s Mark – back to 90 proof! … still waiting for the Redskins to change their nickname … news anchor arrested, is bleeding in his mugshot … a Louisville cheerleader to look for at the Final Four … so was Jerry Buss 79 or 80? … what happened to Time, Inc? …

Nerlens Noel also had a season-ending knee injury in high school. That’s something that definitely would worry NBA teams. Nobody’s calling him Greg Oden, but … [Courier Journal]

Josh Hamilton, now in Anaheim, says Dallas/Fort Worth isn’t a baseball town. He’s right, right? [Morning News]

Phil Henderson, one of my favorite Duke players of all-time (86-90), has died at the age of 44. [Tribune]

The Times has discovered MMA because the media is clamoring over TV rights. [NYT]

Meet Bashir Mason, the youngest coach in Division I college basketball. [Star Ledger]

One of the most difficult teams in the NCAA to peg – Notre Dame, which rallied from down 16 in the first half to win at Pitt, 51-42. [South Bend Trib]

Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah: The new Jason Pierre-Paul? Let’s see what he does at the Combine. [Cole]

Here’s a depressing interview with the mother of Reeve Steenkamp, the recently murdered model. [Times Live]

Da’Quan Bowers’ gun chargers are significant because he’s being charged with the same things Plaxico was. [USA Today Sports]

The Chiefs still have no idea what they want to do in the draft. That, to me, is a bat signal: Hey, who wants to float us a trade? [Star]

LeBron James, good dude. [Fox Sports]

This is what it sounds like after you jump into a cactus. [via Jimmy Traina]

Here’s Vanna White on the Price is Right two years before landing on Wheel of Fortune. [via Bryan Graham]

Buncha tough guys throwing fists in Chicago. [via Cartmaniak]

Maryland fans had a lot of fun at the Tersp/Blue Devils game. [via Greg]

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